A fun game that teaches you how to type or type faster. Designed for personal use and use in schools.

Don't you wish you could type faster and with better accuracy?

Perhaps you use the
hunt-and-peck typing method?

Typing is an essential skill for personal and career success! Learning proper technique is not easy. Mastering and maintaining proper technique is even harder.

If you could type faster, you could finish your homework or job tasks quicker. You would have more free time to relax. You can be more productive, take on more tasks, and succeed at work.

GoVenture Typing is a fun and engaging game that teaches keyboarding to beginners and reinforces proper technique for experienced typists. It's designed for personal use and use in schools.

HOW FAST CAN YOU TYPE? Play the demo and find out!

We have created a prototype demo that enables you to experience the main aspects of the game. You can play the game directly in your Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser. No login needed. If you use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer a Windows download is available.