About the Prototype Demo

We have created a prototype demo that enables you to experience the main aspects of the game. The differences between the prototype and final version are:

  • Prototype only has 3 levels with 27 drills and 3 challenges. And, each drill is very short. The final version is expected to have over 20 levels with 200 drills and 20 challenges.
  • Prototype only has one type of challenge: combat. The final version will have 3 or 4 types of challenges, such as searching an area for an object, mixing a potion, and more.
  • Other features we have in mind and that we will gather from your feedback!

Two Demos Are Available

Play the demo
in your Internet Browser

Works with modern versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  Does not work with Edge or Internet Explorer. This is a 50MB program, so it may take some time for it to appear in your browser.

- OR -

Download the WINDOWS Version
to your computer

  • This version works with all modern Windows computers. It does not require an Internet browser.
  • Once the file named GoVenture_Typing.EXE is downloaded, choose to RUN this file or double-click it.
  • If you get a warning that says "Windows Protected Your PC" click on the "More info" text and choose "Run Anyway".
  • Choose the location on your computer (or on a USB drive) where you want to install GoVenture. A folder named GoVenture Typing will be created.
  • Inside the GoVenture Typing FOLDER is a file named PLAY. Double-click PLAY to run GoVenture. From now on, you only need to double-click PLAY to run GoVenture Typing on your computer. You may delete the GoVenture_Typing.EXE file.
  • You do not need to download GoVenture Typing again unless there is an upgrade.