GoVenture makes learning how to type fun and engaging by combining games with a fantasy-sci-fi story narrative, similar in genre to the Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings.

Theme-based quest with compelling story, graphics, music, and sound effects to keep you engaged from beginning to end.

One key to rule them all!

Original MONSTER Art by Paige Rankin

GoVenture Typing is a fun and engaging game that teaches keyboarding to beginners and reinforces proper technique for experienced typists.

As a brave knight of the realm, you venture on a quest to save your kingdom from a fire-breathing dragon.

This is the map you will follow on your quest. There are several pieces of the map that will be revealed as you complete challenges.

To aid you in your quest, The King assigns his personal wizard, Rusak the Wise. Rusak will train and prepare you for the challenges ahead.

You will do keyboarding drills, starting with the very basics.

Once you successfully master one level of drills, you will be faced with a challenge. The challenge could pit you against an Orc, Werewolf, or other creature. You might have to mix a potion, race your horse, or battle in combat. Your keyboarding skills will determine your survival and success.

Fireball Challenge

Race Challenge

Potion Challenge

Hiding Challenge

Battle Challenge

Combat Challenge

If you are brave and fast enough to complete your quest, you will earn the recognition of The King and be a hero of the realm.

Includes 48 levels consisting of nearly 500 drills and challenges!

Unique Features

  • Theme-based quest with compelling story, graphics, music, and sound effects to keep you engaged from beginning to end.
  • Designed for people of all ages and typing skills, from beginners who have never typed before, to experienced typists who want to enhance their typing skills.
  • The typing activities and gamification are strategically designed to support and enhance proper typing technique.
  • GoVenture Typing starts with a typing-speed test to assess your current skill and allows you to set the goal that you would like to achieve. The game then adjusts the scoring system based on your set goal. When used in schools, instructors can set the same goal for all students or individual goals for each student.
  • On-screen hands light up to show what finger should be used to press each key. There is also a voice option that you can turn on that will tell you which finger to use (index, middle, ring, pinky, thumb).
  • Words-Per-Minute speed is tracked and displayed in real time. Detailed Performance Report for students and instructors can be printed or viewed online with real-time updates.
  • The entire game consists of 32 main LEVELS and 16 bonus LEVELS. Each LEVEL consist of 9 DRILLS and 1 CHALLENGE. That’s a total of nearly 500 activities providing 5 to 10 hours or more of learning time.
  • Multiple versions are available. Online subscriptions are available for personal and school use. Schools also have the option of a locally-installed network version that does not require Internet or yearly or per-student fees.