System Requirements

Multiple versions are available:

  • ONLINE VERSION: Can be accessed with a personal login as a time-limited subscription. Requires Internet to play. Can be played on a computer or Chromebook that has the latest versions of the Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browsers. Includes an INSTRUCTOR WEBSITE that makes it easy to monitor student progress and performance.
  • LOCAL VERSION: For schools, the software can be provided on a USB drive or downloaded and installed on a Windows or Macintosh computers.  The Local version does not require Internet to play. Can also be installed to a shared NETWORK drive. Note that the Local version requires students to print performance reports for submission to the instructor (there is no centralized reporting option as is provided with the Online version).
  • KEYBOARD TYPE: This program is designed for an English keyboard that matches the layout below. Other keyboards may work too, but the location of certain characters may be different than what is displayed in the program.