The first few levels are free to play. Unlocking the full program costs US$9 for a 1-year subscription. ONLINE version only.

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Choose ONLINE or LOCAL version:

ONLINE Version

US$9 per student account for a 1-year subscription. Student accounts can be reassigned to another student once the first student completes the program. There is no cost for the instructor. Includes Instructor Website that makes it easy to monitor student progress and performance.

LOCAL Version

Perpetual license for one K-12 SCHOOL. Install and use one GoVenture product at your school forever for a one-time payment and no yearly or other fees. GoVenture can be installed to local hard drives or a shared network drive. Internet is not required to play. Choose from one of these three options:  10 Seats $495 | 30 Seats $995 | SITE $1,495. The number of seats determines how many computers may run the Software concurrently (at the same time) — SITE Is unlimited. Note that the Local version requires students to print performance reports for submission to the instructor (there is no centralized reporting option as is provided with the Online version).



Student accounts cost US$9 for a 1-year subscription. There is no cost for the instructor. ONLINE version only. Accounts can be purchased by students individually, or by the institution/organization, or by the school bookstore.


FOR YOU: How much time do you spend typing each day? Typing is one of the most useful skills you can have in the world today. By playing GoVenture Typing, you will improve your typing skills while having fun. Suitable for youth and adults.

FOR YOUR KIDS: Typing skills are one of the most useful gifts you can give to your children. And, it's best for them to learn proper technique right now before they gain bad habits that may slow them down forever. GoVenture Typing is suitable for all ages, but it's likely that kids ages 10 and up will be able to read and follow the story best without supervision. Younger children will still be able to do most of the drills.

FOR SCHOOLS: GoVenture Typing includes features for easy integration in school courses:

  1. Includes student monitoring and assessment. Instructors can set different speed goals for each student and the activities will adjust automatically.
  2. Easy on-boarding of students, and student personal information is not shared online.
  3. Choose 100% online browser access or local install with Internet access NOT required.
  4. Affordable for schools and classes of all sizes. Choose a per-student SUBSCRIPTION or an unlimited student PERPETUAL license with no yearly fees.